The List of Weaving Machineries | List of Different Kinds of Loom

In ancient time, men wore bulk of the tree or skin of different kinds of animal . By the development of human civilization, they started to wear cloth. In the first, they weaved cloth with hand. As a result production was so much little. Even to weave one cloth had to take one week or more time. After the revolution of time, men started to use power loom and the present modern loom to produce fabric.

The List of Weaving Machines:

1. Winding Machine:
a. Precision Winding machine
b. Non- Precision Winding machine

2. Creeling Machine

3. Warping Machine
a. High speed Warping Machine
b. Sectional Warping Machine

4. Sizing Machine
a. Slasher Sizing Machine
b. Ball warp Sizing Machine
c. Hank sizing maching

List of Different kind of Loom:
a. Hand loom
b. Power loom

a. Hand loom
1. Primitive loom
2. Pit loom
3. Frame loom
4. Chittaranjan loom
5. Hatersley loom

b. Power loom
1. Air jet loom
2. Water jet loom
3. Rapier loom
4. Multiphase loom 

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