List of Textile Machineries are Used in Textile Manufacturing Process | Yarn Spinning Machines

In normal concept ”Engineering” means gathering of different kinds of machines . In case of textile engineering process also needs different kinds of machines to produce finished products means garments from fiber.

List of Textile Machineries are used in Textile Manufacturing Process:

In case of Fiber Preparation or Ginning:

Ginning Machines:

1. Saw ginning machine
2. Knife Roller ginning machine
3. Mecharthy ginning machine

Machineries List of Yarn Spinning:

1. Hopper bale opener or Bale plucker

2. Step clener or Ultra cleaner or Super cleaner
3. Verticle / Twine opener or cleaner
4. Hopper feeder
5. Porcupine opener
6. Kirschner beater
7. Cotton cleaner
8. R.N. beater
9. S.R.R.L. beater
10. Mono cylinder beater
11. Scutcher
12. Carding machine
13. Drawing Frame
14. Lap former
15. Comber machine
16. Simplex
17. Ring Frame
18. Cone winding machine/Auto coner 

Machineries are Used in Jute Spinning:

1. Jute 1st draw frame machine
2. Jute 2nd draw frame machine
3. Jute 3rd draw frame machine
4. Jute Slip Draft Spinning frame
5. Jute Apron Draft Spinning Frame Machine

6. Breaker Carding machine
7. Finisher Carding machine 


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