List of Knitting Machines | Machineries aer Used for Garments Manufacturing

List of Knitting Machines are given below:

1. V-bed knitting machine
2. Circular knitting machine
3. Four truck single jersey circular knitting m\c
4. Mechanical Interlock circular knitting machine
5. Electronic Interlock Circular Knitting Machine
6. Interlock circular knitting machine.
7. Rib circular knitting machine
8. Jacquard Circular Knitting Machine
9. V- Bed Automatic Knitting Machine
10. Coller Cuff V- Bed Automatic Knitting Machine
11. Tricot Warp Knitting Machine
12. Linking Machine
13. Hand Socks Knitting Machine
14. Automatic Socks Knitting Machine
15. Straight bar frame knitting machine
16. Rachel warp knitting machine 
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