Flowchart of Wet Processing of Synthetic Fabrics/Manmade Goods

Textile wet processing is applied on textile in form of liquid with involves some for chemical action on the textile. Wet processing may differ for different type of fabric. Wet processing for natural material or cotton and wet processing for synthetic material are different. In this article I will explain wet processing flowchart of synthetic goods.

Fabric stentering
Fig: Fabric stentering
Flow Chart of Wet Processing for Synthetic Goods 
(For Dyeing)

Grey Cloth




Heat Setting



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(For Printing)

Grey Cloth






Curing or Polymerizing



A short description of every process are given below:

Grey cloth/fabric: The fabric which not yet dyed or finished is called grey fabric.

Stitching: It is the first working process of wet processing. Several number of fabric rolls are stitched to produce continuous fabric for preparing next process.

Washing: After stitching fabric are washed for preparing next process.

Heat setting: Heat-setting or thermosetting is a heat treatment applied to fabrics made of thermoplastic fibers such as polyester or Nylon to impart dimensional stability.

Dyeing: The process by which a textile material is changed physically or chemically so that it looks colorful is called dyeing.

Calendering: Calendering is a temporary finishing process used on fabric to give a smooth surface of cloth.

Stentering: Stentering is a mechanical finishing process of textile. It is widely used for stretching, drying, heat-setting and finishing of Fabrics.

Printing: It is one type of dyeing. Basic difference between dyeing and printing are dyeing is done by one color and printing is done by different color to produce specific design.

Curing: A process following application of a finish to textile fabrics in which appropriate conditions are used to effect a chemical reaction is called curing.
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