Dyeing Machineries/Printing Machineries/Finishing Machineries | List of Convensional and Modern Dyeing/Printing/Finishing Machineries

Dyeing Machine:
In the pre-industrial revolution time, dyeing, printing, finishing process were done manually or very convensional process. So amount of production was so little. By the change of time, changing the machineries in dyeing, printing and finishing section. As a result production has become high as well as quality also increased.
Yarn dyeing machine
Yarn dyeing machine
Convensional and Modern Dyeing/Printing/Finishing Machineries list are given below:

In case of Dyeing:
  • Singeing machine:
  1. Plate singeing machine
  2. Roller singeing machine
  3. Gas flame singeing machine
In case of Printing:
In case of Finishing:
  • Yarn mercerizing machine
  • Fabric mercerizing machine:
  1. Pad chain type machine
  2. Chainless type machine
  3. Pad-Chainless type machine
  • Brush damping machine
  • Spray damping machine
  • Embossing calendering machine
  • Teasel raising machine
  • Card wire raising machine
  • Sanforizing machine
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