Draft and Draft Constant of the Comber Machine | Gearing Diagram of Comber Machine

Experiment name: Gearing diagram and calculations of feed/nip, nips/min, brush speed, production, draft, draft constant of the comber machine.

  1. To observe nipper movement.
  2. To know about drafting system.
  3. To know about speed of brush, cylinder, and lap feed roller, detaching roller.
  4. To find draft and draft constant.
Specification of the machine:
  • Main motor RPM = 1395
  • Diameter of main motor pulley= 167mm
  • Brush motor RPM = 2860
  • Diameter of brush motor pulley = 243mm
  • Diameter of cylinder = 125mm
  • Diameter of brush roller = 110mm
  • Diameter of feed roller = 70mm
  • Diameter of back roller = 30mm
  • Diameter of middle roller =30mm
  • Diameter of front roller = 40mm
  • DCP = 78T
Fig: Gearing diagram of comber (Click on image for large size)

  1. Brush speed =961.38 rpm.
  2. Nips/min= 215.72 rpm.
  3. Feed/nip= 4.48 mm.
  4. Break draft = 1.27
  5. Total draft = 10.89
  6. Draft constant = 849.42
  7. Production/machine/ shift in lbs= 394.48 lbs.
Comber M/C is very important & necessary M/C of producing combed sliver. This experiment is very helpful for us to learn about this M/C. So, we should learn about this experiment very carefully. Especial thanks to our teacher and his assistant for helping us.


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