Calculation of Twist, Twist Constant of the Ring Frame

Name of the experiment: Calculation of twist, twist constant of the ring frame.

  1. To find out twist per inch of the ring frame.
  2. To find out twist constant of the ring frame.
  • Front roller diameter =  1"
  • Tin cylinder diameter =  10"
  • Whrave diameter = 1.125"
  • Twist change pinion = 48T
Gearing diagram:
Figure: gearing diagram for calculating twist and twist constant of ring frame.

  1. TPI= 21
  2. Twist constant= 1008
Ring frame is the final and very important machine for build the yarn onto bobbin in a form suitable for storage, transportation and processing. It is used to twist the drafted strand to form yarn of required count and strength. In this practical we calculate twist, twist constant of the ring frame. By this practical we come to know about the gearing diagram of ring frame. Special thanks to our teacher and his assistance for helping us. 


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