Calculation of Spindle Speed and Front Roller Speed of the Ring Frame | Gearing Diagram of Ring Frame

Experiment name: Study on the gearing diagram, calculation of spindle speed and front roller speed of the ring frame.


1. To know about the different parts of the ring frame.
2. To know about the function of the different parts of the ring frame machine.
3. To know about the driving mechanism of the spindle
4. To calculate the front roller delivery of the machine
5. To study the machine in order to improve our technical knowledge.

Gearing Diagram
Ring Frame:
Fig: Gearing diagram of ring frame
Machine specification:
  • RPM of the motor = 1440
  • Diameter of the motor pulley = 5″
  • Diameter of the tin cylinder pulley = 10.5″
  • Diameter of the tin cylinder = 10″
  • Diameter of the wharve = 1.125″
  • No of teeth of lower grip wheel = 26T
  • No of teeth of upper grip wheel = 46T
  • No of teeth of fibre wheel = 42T
  • No of teeth of twist carrier wheel = 86T
  • No of teeth of twist wheel = 48T
  • No of teeth of front roller driving wheel = 98T
  • Diameter of front roller = 1″

Spindle Speed = 6095.24 rpm
Front roller delivery = 323.56 inch/min


Our teacher and lab assistants are very much helpful to us. Their well teaching and instruction help us greatly to understand this practical. I think this practical will be very helpful in my future career.

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