Apron Draft Spinning Frame Machine | Jute Apron Draft Spinning Frame Machine | Bobbin Building Mechanism

Experiment name: Study on Jute Apron Draft Spinning Frame Machine.

  1. To know about the gearing diagram of jute spinning frame.
  2. To know about Flyer rpm, surface speed of retaining r/r and drawing r/r.
  3. To know about the bobbin building Mechanism.
Main parts Jute Apron Draft Spinning Frame Machine :
  1. Retaining roller.
  2. Drawing roller.
  3. Tin cylinder.
  4. Flyer.
  5. Bobbin rail
Machine specification:
  • Motor rpm = 1250.
  • Motor pulley diameter = 8.5²
  • Machine pulley diameter = 13.5²
  • Tin cylinder diameter = 5.8²
  • Flyer diameter = 1.8²
  • TCP = 37T
  • DCP = 49T
  • Drawing roller diameter = 2.4²
  • Retaining roller diameter = 1.3²

Fig: Gearing diagram of Jute Apron Draft Spinning Frame Machine
Fig: Bobbin Building Mechanism

  • Flyer surface speed =  2441.07"/min
  • Surface speed of retaining r/r =  83.06"/min
  • Surface speed of drawing r/r =  1905.3"/min
  • Surface speed of Tin cylinder =  55314.5"/min
  • Draft =  23
  • Draft constant = 1127.
Apron drafting sliver spinning frame is very important and necessary M/C for any jute industry. So, we should learn about this experiment very carefully and sincerely.

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