Application of Computer in Textile Engineering | Write a Program to Calculate Actual Draft by Using C Programming Language

Experiment name: Write a program to calculate actual draft by using C programming language.


Introducing with programme in “C” demands some initial computer knowledge to be known .we have to start with some necessary conceptions of computer programming language and systems provided for “C” programming.

Computer in textile
Fig: Computer in textile
  1. To know the computer language .
  2. To learn how to work with ‘C++’
  3. To cope with ‘C’ programming.
Description of some code using in programming language:
  • printf( )=To display a command in monitor.
  • Void=Not to return the value from one function.
  • getch( )=To hold the value in the monitor until getting any response from programmer.
  • /n =To show contents in multiple line .
  • /t =To show contents in each pages with connection.
  • stdio.h = For adding header file and to input the printf ( ) programming code in the computer.

void main( )
clrscr( );
float A_draft,DC,DCP,waste,T_draft;
printf(“Enter DC,DCP,present waste=”);
scanf(“%f%f%f,& DC,&DCP,&waste”);
Printf(“\n\n Actual draft=%0.2f”,A_draft);
getch( );


Programming in “C” is very essential for programming. This is a vital experiment for us. I hope this experiment is very helpful in our practical life in future.

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