Knit Dyeing with Reactive Dyes (Hot Brand) | Knit Dyeing with Hot Brand Reactive Dyes

There are two types of reactive dyes. One is hot brand and another is cold brand reactive dyes. In this article our topic is hot brand reactive dyes which have lower reactivity towards cotton. High dyeing temperature is required and normally dyeing is carried out at the temperature between 90-95 degree Celsius, these types of dyes also requires strong alkaline medium and NaOH is used to bring the PH at 10.5-11. In this article I will discuss on knit dyeing with hot brand reactive dye.

Knit dyeing with reactive dyes:

  1. Anti creasing agent = 0.3g/L
  2. Sequestering agent = 0.5 g/L
  3. Glauber salt or NaCl =80 g/L
  4. Dye (reactive) = x%
  5. Soda ash =5g/L
  6. Or caustic soda =1 g/L
  7. Acetic acid = 0.75 g/L
  8. Soap = 0.25 g/L
  9. M: L = 1:10
  10. Time =60 min
  11. Temperature = 600-1000C
Function of these Ingredients:
  •  Anti creasing agent is used to remove crease mark from fabric.
  •  Sequestering agent is used to convert hard water into soft water.
  •  Gluber salt is used for exhaustion of dye in the fibre.
  •  Soda ash and caustic soda are used for fixation of dye in the fibre.
  •  Acetic acid is used for neutralizing the dyed fabric.
  •  Soap is used for washing the dyed fibre.
Dyeing Curve:

Dyeing Curve

Dyeing Procedure:
At first fabric, required water and required anti creasing agent is added in the dye bath. Then sequestering agent and gluber salt of required amount is added in the dye bath. Then the bath is kept rest for 5 minutes. After that reactive dye of required amount is added in the dye bath. After adding dye in the dye bath, the bath is kept for 30 minutes. During this period exhaustion of dye occurs in the fabric. Then required amount of alkali is added for fixation of dye into the fabric. After adding alkali we will wait for 50 minutes and then we will check the shade. If shade is all right then fabric will be taken for after treatment.

After Treatment of Reactive Dye:

  1. At first dyed fabric will be treated with hot water at 80 degree C for 10 minutes.
  2. Then the fabric will be treated with stock solution of acetic acid for 10 minutes at 60 degree C for neutralizing the fabric.
  3. Then the fabric is washing with soap solution for 15 minutes at 95 degree C.
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