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Jigger dyeing machine is the most commonly used for dyeing all kinds of cotton fabric. There are mainly two types of jigger dyeing machine. One is open jigger dyeing machine and other is closed jigger dyeing machine.

The open jigger dyeing machine is shown in the figure. This machine consists of V shaped stainless steel vessel. Two rollers are fitted above the vessel called as cloth rollers. These rollers are rotated by power. Out of these two rollers one roller is driven by a motor which is called take up roller and the other roller from which the cloth is delivered is called let off roller. When all the cloth is passed from the let off roller to the take up roller, it is called as one end or one turn. The number of ends or turns depends upon the type of the fabric and also the percentage of the shade.
Fig: Diagram of Jigger dyeing machine
Initially, a large length of (50 kg) cloth is wound on the let off roller and take up roller is then driven by the power. After one end is taken, the take up becomes let off roller. These backward and forward movements of cloth through the dye liquor absorb more and more dye.

The capacity of the jigger is 100 to 150 gallons. In the modern jigger, automatic devices are fitted along with the timing switch by using reversing will take place automatically.

When dyeing all the dye liquor should not be added at one time. The dye liquor should be added in batch wise, in order to get even shade on the cloth. In the present scenario, closed types of jiggers are used. The main advantage is to prevent heat loss and chemical loses by evaporation. This type of jigger is very important for dyeing vat, Sulphur etc.

Advantages of Jigger Dyeing Machine
  1. The cloth can be dyed in open width form of full width form.
  2. Chemical and heat loses are less when compared to winch dyeing machine
  3. The material to liquor ratio is 1:3 (or) 1:4 which saves considerable amount of chemical cost and steam cost.
Disadvantages of Jigger Dyeing Machine
It exerts lot of tension in the warp direction and because of this normally woolen, knitted fabrics, silk etc are not dyed in jigger dyeing machine.
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