Jet Dyeing Machine | Working Process of Jet Dyeing Machine | Advantages and Disadvantages of Jet Dyeing Machine

Jet dyeing machine:
Jet dyeing machine is the most modern machine used for the dyeing of polyester using disperse dyes. In this machine the cloth is dyed in rope form which is the main disadvantage of the machine.

Types of Jet dyeing machine:
Some Jet dye machines are as follows:

  1. Overflow Dyeing Machine 
  2. Soft-flow Dyeing Machine 
  3. Airflow Dyeing Machine
Main parts of jet dyeing machine: 
  1. Main Vessel or Chamber 
  2. Winch roller or Reel 
  3. Heat Exchanger 
  4. Nozzle 
  5. Reserve Tank 
  6. Chemical dosing tank 
  7. Controlling unit or Processor 
  8. Fabric Plaiter 
  9. Different types of motors & Valves Main Pump
  10. Utility lines i.e. water line, drain line, steam inlet etc. 
Diagram of Jet dye machine
Fig: Diagram of Jet dye machine
Working Process of Jet Dyeing Machine:
In this machine, the dye tank contains disperse dye, dispersing agent, leveling agent and acetic acid. The solution is filled up in the dye tank and it reaches the heat exchanger where the solution will be heated which then passed on to the centrifugal pump and then to the filter chamber.

The solution will be filtered and reaches the tubular chamber. Here the material to be dyed will be loaded and the winch is rotated, so that the material is also rotated. Again the dye liquor reaches the heat exchanger and the operation is repeated for 20 to 30 minutes at 135o C. Then the dye bath is cooled down, after the material is taken out.

Metering wheel is also fixed on winch by external electronic unit. Its purpose is to record the speed of the fabric. The thermometer, pressure gauge is also fixed in the side of the machine to note the temperature and pressure under working. A simple device is also fixed to note the shade under working.

Advantages Jet Dyeing Machine

  1. Dyeing time is short compared to beam dyeing.
  2. Material to liquor ratio is 1:5 (or) 1:6
  3. Production is high compared to beam dyeing machine.
  4. Low consumption of water
Disadvantages Jet Dyeing Machine
  1. Cloth is dyed in rope form
  2. Risk of entanglement
  3. Chance for crease formation.
  4. High initial investment and maintenance cost is high 
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