High Temp Dyeing Method on Polyester Fabric | Dyeing of Polyester Fabric in High Temperature Dyeing Method

In high temperature dyeing method either material or liquor should circulate. Otherwise dye molecules will not penetrate inside the material. They will stay on surface only.

In this method, temperature is kept in between 105-140°C and pressure is kept from 0 to 170 kPa. This method is also known as pressure dyeing which is used for highly crystalline synthetic fibres and their blends. This technique causes the fibre to swell even more than which achieved at 100°C temperature. So that dye molecules penetrate the fibre polymer system. It eliminates the need of carriers.

Dyeing Recipe:
  • Dye: →→→→→→→3%
  • Dispersing agent : 1gm/lit
  • Acetic acid : →→→1gm/lit
  • Time : →→→→→→→60 min
  • Temperature : →→130°C
  • pH : →→→→→→→→4-5.5
  • M:L : →→→→→→→→1:10
Dyeing Procedure:
  1. At first a paste of dye and dispersing agent is prepared and water is added to it.
  2. PH is controlled by adding acetic acid.
  3. This condition is kept for 15 minutes at temperature 60°C.
  4. Then the dye bath temperature is raised to 130°C and this temperature is maintained for 1 hour. Within this time, dye is diffused in dye bath, adsorbed by the fibre and thus required shade is obtained.
  5. The dye bath is cooled as early as possible after dyeing at 60°C.
  6. The fabric is hot rinsed and reduction cleaning is done if required.
  7. Then the fabric is finally rinsed and dried.
Dyeing curve of polyester fabric
Dyeing curve of polyester fabric

Advantages of high temperature dyeing method:
  • Dyeing time are frequently shorter
  • No need of carrier
  • Maximum 98% dye fixation
  • Loss of dye is less
  • Light fastness and wet fastness is usually higher
  • Better exhaustion and deeper dyeing can be produced.
  • Faster diffusion of the dye in the fiber at elevated temperature.
Disadvantages of high temperature dyeing method:
  • Higher temp require
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