Four Truck Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machines

Experiment name: Study on four truck single jersey circular knitting m\c.

--To identify the four truck single jersey circular knitting m\c.
--To know about it’s different parts.
--To know the function of it’s different parts.
--To know the operation of this m\c.

1. Cylinder is open, no dial.
2. Cylinder & sinker plate are present.
3. Close cam box.
4. Cylinder can not be seen.
5. Needle can not be seen.
6. Positive cam system.
7. Positive feed system. 

Specification of the machine:

  1. Machine no:-1. 4-Truck Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine.
  2. Company:- PAOLO ORIZIO.
  3. Origin of the machine:- ITALY.
  4. Model no. :- GOH N/C.
  5. Dia of the machine:- 22”.
  6. Gauge of the machine:- 24
  7. No of Feeder:- 66
  8. No of Needle: Π*24*22.
  9. Creel Capacity: 144.
  10. Sinker type: 2061905G.
Main parts:
  1. 4(butt) latch needle,
  2. Holding down sinker,
  3. Cam &cam box,
  4. Sinker plate& sinker cam plate,
  5. Cylinder,
  6. Feeder(+ve)
  7. Needle detector,
  8. Fabric detector,
  9. V.D.Q. pulley,
  10. Spreader,
  11. Take down roller,
  12. Cloth roller.
The single jersey circular knitting m/c is one of the modern m/c. It has one set of needle and another set of sinkers. Both needle and sinkers have different cam system. Cam system are stationary and the cylinder with needle and sinkers are movable. The yarn feeder is stationary. The yarn is coming from cheese or cone package by yarn guide, north catcher, accumulator and yarn guide or feeder. The fabric draw off by the side of the needle and it take up by take up roller. There is alighting system to inspection the fabric. The m/c has positive feed system and breakage indicator.

Operating Principle: 
As the m\c is modern, it has a control panel of it’s own. In a switch box three switches are available. One is for full sewing, one is for m\c stop & another is for machine motion. By the inching motion switch, the m\c can be run slowly or fastly. Beside this switch box another control panel is available. It has different functions, switches as F1.F2……f6 have their particular functions.

In circular knitting m/c there many set of cams but in V-bed knitting m/c there only one set of cam for each bed. From this practical we learn about the cams of V-bed knitting m/c and their function. We also learn how can we change design of loops as well as fabric by changing can arrangement. I think this practical will help me in future.

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