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Dispersing Agent:
Dispersing agents are effective under the dyeing conditions and stable to hard water, high temperature and other dye assistants which help to maintain dispersion of dye molecule in the dye bath. Disperse dyes are insoluble in water and form aqueous dispersion in water. At first these dye molecules are formed as large particles and they are made smaller particles by grinding. But as they are water insoluble, they will give uneven dyeing if they are directly used in dye bath. So to ensure uniform and trouble free dyeing the dye should be present in dye bath in an uniform and very fine form and should give an stable dispersion. This is the reason for which a special chemical is used in dye bath named dispersing agent. They should be effective under dyeing conditions, stable to hard water, high temperature and other dyeing assistants.
Dispersing Agent
For example, soap powder, Turkey Red oil, alkali sulphates, alkyl aryl sulphonates etc. are some surface active agents which are recommended as dispersing agents in disperse dyeing.

Functions of Dispersing Agent

  1. It assists in the process of particle size reduction of dye.
  2. It enables the dye to be formed in powder form.
  3. It facilitates the recon version of the powder into a dispersion which is required for dyeing.
  4. It is not a surface active agent and hence has no wetting, foaming and detergent properties.
  5. It maintains the dispersion in a fine form in the dye bath through out the process.
  6. It increases the solubility of disperse dyes in water.
  7. It is compatible with anionic and nonionic products.
  8. It affects on the rate of dyeing.
  9. It is resistant to alkali, acid and salt.
  10. When mixed with cationic produced in neutral and acidic medium then it may form precipitates.
Trade Names of Dispersing Agent
  1. Setamol
  2. Edalon
  3. Hispogal
  4. Dispervat 60
  5. Dispersant WS
  6. Pidimol TD
  7. Nitamol NV- 50
Examples of dispersing agent:
  • Soap pawder
  • Turkey red oil
  • Alkel sulphonates
  • Alkyl acryl sulphonates
  • Formaldehyde
  • Lignin sulphonates
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