Application of Disperse Dyes | Application Methods of Disperse Dyes | Factors Considered for Selection of a Method | Reduction Cleaning of Disperse Dye

In previous article, we have learnt about definition, history and properties of disperse dyes, classification of disperse dyes. In this article, we will learn about classification and commercial names of disperse dye.
Application of Disperse Dyes
Application Methods of Disperse Dyes
  1. Method N: Normal dyeing method. Dyeing temperature is 80-100°C.
  2. Normal NC method: Method of dyeing at normal temperature with carriers. Dyeing temperature 80-100°C.
  3. Method HT: High temperature dyeing method. Dyeing temperature 105-140°C.
  4. Method T: Thermasol dyeing method. Dyeing temperature 180-220°C, continuous method of dyeing.
  5. Pad roll method: Semi continuous dyeing method.
  6. Pad steam method: Continuous dyeing method.
Factors Considered for Selection of a Method
  1. Availability of dyeing machine.
  2. Required colour effect (dark/medium/light).
  3. Required colour fastness.
  4. Type of material to be dyed.
  5. Cost of dye, chemicals and auxiliaries.
  6. Overall economy of the system.
  7. Dyeing temperature.
Reduction Cleaning of Disperse Dyes
In case of dark shade dyeing, we have to use more amounts of dye and chemicals. But these chemicals should be removed from fabric after dyeing. For this reason, a special process is used in case of disperse dyeing. This cleaning process is called reduction cleaning.

A typical recipe for reduction cleaning is given below:-
  • 1 gm/lit →→→→Tingal W
  • 2 gm/lit →→→→Hydrosulphite
  • 2-3 ml/lit →→→→NaOH (56.5° Tw)
By reduction cleaning, surface dye molecules or unfixed dye molecules are stripped and this in turn results in level dyeing. Reduction cleaning also improves wash fastness property of textile material.

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