Yarn Clearer in Winding | Types of Yarn Clearer | Comprise Between Mechanical and Electronic Clearer

Yarn Clearer
Yarn clearer is the device which is used to remove the following faults of yarn in order to increase the yarn quality and weaving efficiency.
Yarn clearer
Faults of yarn are as follows
  1. Thick and thin places
  2. Slab and neps
  3. Loose fabric
  4. Foreign materials
Types of Yarn Clearer
There are two types of yarn clearer

1. Mechanical Type
  • Conventional blunt type
  • Serrated blade type
2. Electronic type
  • Capacitance type
  • Photo electric type
Comprise between mechanical and electronic clearer
  • Electronic clearer are more sensitive than mechanical clearers.
  • In case of mechanical clearers there is abrasion between yarn and clearer parts but in case of electronic clearers there is no such abrasion.
  • Mechanical clearers do not prevent soft slab from escaping through clearer where as electronic type does not allow passing of any types of faults.
  • Mechanical type does not break the thin places and the length of the fault is not considered.
  • Mechanical clearer are simple and easy to maintain while the electronic clearers are costly and requires high standard of maintenance.
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