Winding Efficiency | Factors of Winding Efficiency | Reasons for Lower Efficiency

Winding Efficiency : 
The ratio of actual production and calculated production is called winding efficiency. It is expressed as percentage. The efficiency of a highly automated winding operation is calculated by modification of the mathematical model developed for a similar problem. Winding is one of the most important operation, which is mainly occurred in spinning section. Besides, it is also important in fabric manufacturing.

Factors of Winding Efficiency:
Winding efficiency depends on the following factors
  1. Spindle or drum speed: The higher the speed the more is the winding efficiency
  2. Yarn Count: Yarn count is proportional to winding efficiency
  3. Yarn quality: If yarn quality increases then winding efficiency increases
  4. Worker efficiency: The more efficient the work is the more efficient the winding will be.
  5. Humidity: Humidity is reciprocal or inversely proportional to winding efficiency.
  6. Work load per worker: If the work load on each worker is less then efficiency of winding will be more.
  7. Maintenance and over hauling: If the maintenance and over hauling of the machine is not correct then efficiency of winding will decrease.
  8. Power failure: If power failure rate increases the winding efficiency will decrease.
  9. Creeling time: The more the creeling time the less is the efficiency.
  10. Doffing time: The more the doffing time the less is the efficiency.
  11. Capacity utilization: When capacity utilization decreases then efficiency increases.
Reasons for lower efficiency
  • Power failure
  • Improper maintenance and over hauling
  • Natural disasters
  • Less skilled labor
  • Labor unrest
  • Shortage of machine parts and raw materials
  • Strike
  • Maintenance problems


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