What is Emulsion | Characteristics of Emulsion | Recipe for Emulsion | Faults of Emulsion in Jute Spinning

It is a mixture of lubricating agents which is applied on jute fibres to make it soft and flexible.
Emulsion is given in jute
Characteristics of a good quality emulsion
  • It should not damage the fibre
  • The emulsion should be colourless
  • It should be stable for a certain period of time
  • Its softening quality should be high
  • The emulsion droplets should be very small
The reasons why emulsion is used
  • To make the jute fibre soft
  • To increase cohesiveness of fibre
  • To increase flexibility
  • To make it move easily through different parts of the machines
  • To reduce fibre stiffness and brittleness
Recipe for Emulsion

General emulsion
  • Water →→ 73%
  • Mineral oil →→ 25.4%
  • Emulsifier →→ 1.6%
Emulsion for Carpet breaking cloth (CBC)
  • Water →→ 89-91%
  • Oil →→ 8-10%
  • Emulsifier →→ 0.5-1%
High standard effective and modified emulsion
  • Water →→ 72.85%
  • Jute Batch (J.B.) oil →→ 26.45%
  • Urea →→ 0.3%
  • Nonident →→ 0.4%
Faults of emulsion in Jute Spinning

***Creaming: When an emulsion is prepared it is not possible to make all drops exactly same size. The larger droplets move to the surface because they have less density than water. These droplets cause uneven distribution of water and form a layer on the surface and causes uneven distribution of emulsion. This defect is called creaming. This defect increase yarn breakage during spinning.

Causes of creaming
  • Improper oil selection
  • Not accurate mixing ratio of oil, water and emulsifier
  • Bad agitation of the mixture
Remedy to avoid creaming
  • Using slow running paddles to stir the mixture, thus the droplet size can be kept small
  • Using oil of high specific gravity
  • Emulsion should not be stored for long time
***Breaking: Sometimes the mixture is not uniform and so in some places it is dense and in others it is light. The defect is called breaking.

Causes of Breaking:
  • It is caused by faulty stirring equipment.
Remedy to avoid Breaking:
  • It can be avoided by high speed agitation. 
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