Warping Machine | Main Parts of Warping Machine | Components of Creel | Components of Headstock

The operation of winding warp yarns onto a beam usually in preparation for slashing, weaving, or warp knitting. Also called warping. In a word, Warping is the parallel winding of yarn from cone or cheese package on to a warp beam. Warping Process are done by different types of Warping Machine. The main parts of warping machine are given below.
Warping Machine
Warping Machine
Components of a Warping Machine
The warping machine is mainly divided into two major components
  1. Creel
  2. Headstock
Components of Creel
  • yarn clearer
  • stop device
  • indicator
  • tensioners
  • yarn guide
  • package base
  • blower or suction fan
Components of Headstock
  • adjustable V-wraith
  • measuring and marking device
  • yarn speed controlling device
  • pneumatic or hydraulic pressure unit
  • break assembly
  • driving drum
  • stop motion
  • building drum
  • beam bracket
  • lease rod


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