Step Cleaner/Ultra Cleaner/Super Cleaner | Object of Step/ Ultra/ Super Cleaner Machine

Step cleaner machine is an inportant machine in ring spinning for cleaning and opening impurities from cotton. This machine is set normally after porcupine opener machine.

Object of Step/ ultra/Super Cleaner Machine
  1. To open & clear the cotton by combinations of opposite spike action & the beating action.
  2. To remove the impurities such as leaves, stalk, motes & sand without damage the fiber.
Main Parts :
  1. Motor.
  2. Motor pulley.
  3. Beaters.
  4. Baffle plate.
  5. Grid.
Step Cleaner
Main Setting Point :
Set to do the require amount as cleaning close grid bars, setting gives good opening & large grid bar setting gives poor opening, other setting points are, Beater to Grid bar = 1`` & beater to beater = 8``.

Specification :
  1. Motor r.p.m = 695
  2. Dia of the beater = 18.6``
  3. Dia of two pulley = 21.2``
  4. Dia of one pulley = 16``
  5. No. of striker = 26
Calculation :
          Beater r.p.m = 695*(16``/21.2``)
                                   = 524.5
          Beater per min. = 524.5*26
                               = 13637
Conclusion :
This is the second m/c of blow room line. It works step by step & for this it is called step cleaner. It is a good instrument of opening & cleaning of cotton by the action of beater. It also removes ascertain a out of leaves, stalk & other impurities. It is suitable for process of low grade cotton.

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