Process Flow Chart for Quality Control System in Apparel Industry | Flow Chart of Quality Control System in Garments Industry

Quality is unusually slippery and difficult to come to grip with. Therefore some might say “Quality is something I know when I see it. To some Quality is difficult to be explained like love or happiness. Once the concept of Quality is understood fundamentally it stops being slippery and becomes something which can hold by its tail. It is very important in apparel industry. Without quality buyer don't interested to buy product.

According to dictionary Quality is: - An essential character: nature, an ingredient or distinguishing attribute: property, a character trait, superiority of kind, degree of grade or excellence. Different people have different views about quality.

We can explain effect of quality as:
  • The best money can buy
  • Meeting a specification or conformance to specifications.
  • Craftsmanship
  • The degree of excellence that an item possesses.
  • Product with no defect found
  • Absence of variation in its broad sense.
  • Meeting or exceeding customer expectation.
These responses depend on people’s perception of the value of a product or service under consideration and their explanation of performance, durability, reliability etc. of that product or service.

Furthermore, quality can be approached from the product base, manufacturing base, user base, and value base. Quality can also be seen as transcendent: luxury that is incomparable. Altogether, quality tries to attain positive and desirable good features. Quality indicates succeeding in processes and making. The international standard ISO 9000 Quality management systems—Fundamentals and vocabulary defines quality as degree to which a set of inherent characteristics fulfils requirements.

Flow Chart for Specification & Quality Parameters:
Flow Chart for Quality Control System
Flow Chart for Quality Control System
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