Jute Spreader Machine | Parts of Jute Spreader Machine | Working Principle of Jute Spreader Machine

The jute fibres first enter through the feed rollers on to the slow chain. This contains pins or grill bars which have a combing action on the jute. Then the jute moves to the fast chain which moves 10 to 12 times faster than the slow chain. Here combing action occurs and also due to the speed variations the fibres get a draft of 10. Then the jute moves to the conductor plate where it is sprayed with emulsion and at last it is rolled up by the roll former.
Jute Spreader machine
Parts in Jute Spreader machine:
  1. Lead roller;
  2. Fluted feed;
  3. Feed sheet;
  4. Lantern roller;
  5. Gill bed;
  6. Conduction plate & emulsion tray.
  7. Roll forms.
  8. Fast & slow chain.
Working Principle of Jute Spreader Machine: 
  1. This machine consists of two sections a slow chain and fast chain. Jute is fed manually on the feed lattice and this regulated by a slave points. 
  2. After feeding the materials enters the slow section via a pair of fluted jute spreads machine feed rollers.
  3. In slow section, it is carried over a slow moving gill bed or pin bed. The fibers are pressed on this pin bed by 3 heavy lantern rollers. This gill bed contains 32 gill bars.
  4. Then the material goes to fast section or combing section which is formed by a gill bed with 10-12 times faster than slow section generally draft in 10.
  5. The jute goes to conductor plate while emulsion is applied it. 
  6. After emulsion jute is received by a null former in roll form.
  1. Here lead / draft is more.
  2. Possibility of penetration of fibre in gill bed is more.
  3. It produced best quality jute.
  1. Jute spreades machine is influence on quality..
  2. The open and comb the pieced out jute the machine is used.
  3. Jute spreades prepare ribbon live sliver.
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