Finisher Card of Jute Carding Machine

Finisher Carding Machine
Finisher card is full circular and down stricking card. After jute is processed by breaker card, it is send to finisher card. The rollers and cylinder are pinned in the same manner as in breaker card but pins are finer and set closer together in Finisher Card Machine.

Finisher card
Main Parts of Finisher Card
D = Delivery roller
Do = Doffer
W = Worker roller
S = Stripper roller
T = Tin cylinder
S = Shell
P = Pin roller
F = Feed roller
TPF = Top Feed Roller
FS = Feed Striper
TD = Top Drawing Roller
BD = Bottom Drawing Roller

Principle of Finisher Card:
It is a down striking and full circular carding machine. Its feed and delivery is on the same side of the machine.

Working Regions of Finisher Card:

  • Combing action occurs between stripper and worker roller.
  • Carding action occurs between cylinder and worker roller.
  • Opening spreading occurs between cylinder and pin feed roller.
Speed of Rollers:
  • Cylinder: 2400 – 2800 feet per minute
  • Feed roller: 10 – 15 feet per minutes
  • Worker: 30 – 40 feet per minutes
  • Stripper: 300 – 500 feet per minutes
  • Doffer: 75 – 100 feet per minutes
  • Delivery roller: 150 – 200 feet per minutes


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