Crighton Opener Machine/Verticle Opener Machine/Twine Opener Machine | Main Parts of Crighton Opener M/C

Crighton Opener:
Crighton opener

Crighton opener machine is used to open cotton tuft in blowroom line. It is also called Verticle Opener Machine or Twine Opener Machine

Object Crighton Opener:
  1. To strike the cotton while it is being carried by the air current.
  2. To open the cotton in to small fault.
  3. To use low quality cotton (i.e. cotton of short staple & more impurities).

Main Parts of Crighton Opener M/C :
  1. Motor.
  2. Motor pulley
  3. Discs with strikes.
  4. Inclines Grid bar.
Adjustment of Different Parts :

1. Grid bar to grid bar :
Wider setting: High fiber loss, poor opening & cleaning, high speed, high productions.
Closer setting: Good opening, low speed gives lower fiber loss & low production.

2. Blade to grid bar :
Wider Setting: No fiber damage, high production, poor opening & cleaning.
Closer setting: Fiber damage, low production, lower removal of impurities, good opening.

Specification Crighton Opener M/C :
i. Motor r.p.m = 1440
ii. Motor pulley dia = 14``
iii. M/C pulley dia = 32``
iv. No. of striker = 6

Calculation :
Beater r.p.m = 1440*(14``/32``) = 630
Beats per min = 630*6 = 3780

Conclusion :
This is the third m/c of the blowroom line. It stands on a vertical shaft & hence it is called vertical opener. This m/c is a major cleaning point of blow room line. There is a by pass system. So from step cleaner cotton can be difficulty pass to the hopper feeder without vertical opener. It can be used in case of low grade cotton. For beater opening & cleaning close setting of striker is done. But there is a rise of more fiber damage. Hence moderate setting is done.
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