Process Flow Chart of Carded Yarn Manufacturing Process

Carded Yarn Manufacturing Process
If you want to make a yarn you will have two method to follow. One is Carded yarn manufacturing method and another is Combed yarn manufacturing method.
Carded yarn
Carded yarn
Combed yarn is most precious, finer and thinner than the carded yarn. Because the Carded Yarn is produced by following some less manufacturing steps than the Combed Yarn.

So let us know about the carded yarn manufacturing.

Flow Chart of Carded Yarn Manufacturing:

Input Material ———Processing Machines ——–Output Materials

Raw Cotton >>>>>>>> Blow Room>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Lap
Lap>>>>>>>>>>>Carding>>>>>>>>>Carded Sliver
Carded Sliver>>>>>>>>>>Drawing 1>>>>>>>>>>>>>Drawn Sliver
Breaker Sliver>>>>>>>>>>Drawing 2>>>>>>>>Finisher Drawn Sliver
Finisher Drawn Sliver>>>>>Simplex/ Speed Frame>>>>>>>>>>>>>Roving
Roving>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ring Frame>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Yarn
Yarn>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Winding>>>>>>>>>Yarn In Large Package.

The process flowchart of Yarn Manufacturing mentioning above is currently followed by the Textile Spinning Mills.


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