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ERITRA Immigration & Education Consultant
 A Sister concern of ERITRA International

Suite: 4A, House: 55/B, Noakhali Tower 
3rd Floor, Purana Palton, Dhaka – 1000 
Tel: +880 2 955 0136, Cell: +880 171 712 3400 


Shaping Your Career 


The educational infrastructure of Bangladesh is not international standard. As a result, after completion the Higher Secondary (12 class) education students who do not get chance in the internationally recognized institutes in Bangladesh become frustrated about their further study. The students can not complete the courses during the stipulated time due to the political conflicts, student politics, strike (Hartal), so called session – jot, shortage of lab facilities and so on. Then they started to run after the consultancy firms to get enroll in the foreign institutes in the developed countries. On the other hand, the fresh graduates and the graduates with job experience like to get their post graduate degrees from the foreign institutes for their bright career. Many a lot students get scholarship in foreign institutes from Bangladesh every single year. We strongly invite the potential students to take our assistance that may positively change your life. Alternatively, we like to request the foreign institutions to shake their hands with ERITRA for making a fruitful tunnel.


ERITRA Immigration & Education Consultant (EIEC) is a sister concern of ERITRA International that was established with a desire to work for the real learners from the rural era, especially the Northern end of Bangladesh in the year 2007. After a successful voyage of ERITRA International for the past few years, it decides to open a new window to assist the potential students from the whole country. As a result EIEC introduces itself in the consultancy business with a view to bring a revolutionary change in the relevant field. ERITRA is working as a mediator between the local students of Bangladesh territory and the foreign institutes from most of the countries over the world. It makes the tunnel between this and that end for shaping the future of the students and guide the potential and eligible students to cross the tunnel smoothly and confidently. Before starting your journey through the help of ERITRA, every student should remember that ERITRA does not have any superstitious power to give you any guarantee of your success. But also be assured that ERITRA team will help you at their label of best to make your way of destination smooth and easy. Your success always brings the highest satisfaction to each and every member of ERITRA.

Services of ERITRA

ERITRA does not believe in human trafficking. This is why it is very selective in accepting your file. As it does not have any file opening charge, before accepting your file ERITRA will measure the possibility of success of your file by doing a preliminary assessment of your entire documents. If your file is accepted by ERITRA, it will provide you the following services without taking any charge.

  • Complete assessment.
  • Counseling for selecting country, institute and subject.
  • Help you in filling up the application form of the institute.
  • Get the Conditional / Unconditional Offer Letter from the institute within seven days of your application
  • Get the CAS, Visa letter, I 20 or Bonafide Letter within the next ten days of the issuance of your Demand Draft favoring the institute from our local bank.
  • Make appointment with the VFS or the concern High Commission.
  • Help you in filling up the Visa application form and get the file for you to be submitted.
  • Counseling for shopping and traveling to your destination once the Visa is granted.
For making life easier of our valued clients and guardians, ERITRA got some business associates for banking purpose. They will help you in opening student file, making demand draft favoring the institute, transferring your admission and tuition fees to the institute and living cost to your personal account authentically. Once again, ERITRA does not receive any tuition fees in cash from any student. 
The City Bank Limited

Dhaka Bank Limited

Brac Bank Limited

Working Area of ERITRA

ERITRA has limitation in choosing its working area because it does not like to deal with the students who are interested to migrate only in the developed countries by the name of student. It does not believe in human trafficking and also believes that quality accelerates the quantity. Presently, it is working with the institutes located in the following countries and continuously maintaining its strong co operation with foreign institutes of the foreign countries for expanding its working area.
  • UK                             
  • Australia                          
  • Canada                             
  • Finland                                      
  • Sweden                       
  • India                                   
  • China                              
  • Thailand.
ERITRA is recruiting students from Bangladesh territory in the following departments.
  • Engineering
  • Textile Engineering
  • Medical Science
  • Faculty of Arts
  • Faculty of Commerce
  • Faculty of Science Science
  • ACCA
  • Law
  • Hospitality Management
  • Health & Social Care
  • Pharmacy
ERITRA team will be more than happy to assist its clients in the following fields.
  • Student Visa
  • Dependant Visa
  • Permanent Residence Permit
  • Visit Visa
  • Immigration
Marketing Strategy

Marketing policy plays a very significant role in promoting foreign institutes in particular market as well as attracting the local students. Before promoting a foreign institute in Bangladesh market, ERITRA requires a mutual beneficiary agreement with that. In this respect, ERITRA must consider the year of establishment of the institute, the acceptability of the awarded degree, geographical surroundings, present number of students, tuition fees structure and the accreditation of the institutes. If ERITRA finds all the things in order, it goes for signing an agreement and start promoting it in Bangladesh market. To promote the institute and attract the local students, it adopts some common and some unique policies according to our market demand.
  • Publishing advertisement in the top selling Bengali & English newspapers and magazines.
  • Attending international education fairs arranged by the British Council.
  • Arranging seminars, conferences and spot assessment with the presence of foreign delegate from the institutes. Hanging banners and festoons in the important locations.
  • Publishing advertisements in local visual Medias. 
  • Distributing prospectuses and leaflets among the university and university college students.
    Online advertisements on the education based homepage. 


Mr. Feroz E M Iqbal  
BA (Hons), MA (English), M Sc in MIS (UK) 

E-mail :
Mob   : +880 171 712 3400

Mr. Fazla Azim  
B Com (hons), M Com (accounting), CA (CC) 
Administration & accounts

E-mail : 
Mob : +880 155 633 4209

Mr. Sirajul Alom Bhuiyan  
MSS, LLB (DU), advocate of Bangladesh Supreme Court 
Legal Advisor 
Mob : +880 181 762 2242

Mr. Rubaiat Ferdoush  
B Sc (Hons) in Geography & Environmental Science 
E-mail : 
Mob : +880 191 459 0026

Mr. Rofiqul Islam  
Office Assistant

Banking Detail

1. Account Name : ERITRA International  
Account No : 0150124729009 
Branch Name : Choumuhani Branch 
Address : Noakhali, Bangladesh

2. Account Name : ERITRA Immigration & Education Consultant
Account No : Coming soon 
Branch Name : Coming soon 
Address : Coming soon 

Contact Detail 

Dhaka Office:
Suite: 4A, House: 55 /B 
Noakhali Tower, 3rd Floor 
Purana Palton, Dhaka – 1000

Tel       : +880 2 955 0136
Cell      : +880 171 712 3400

Noakhali Office:
75 Nazir Villa
J.K Model School Road
Kuripara (Alipur)
Begumgonj – Noakhali, Bangladesh

Tel : +880 321 51915 
E-mail :


ERITRA always remembers that it works with the future of the students. So there is nothing to play hide and seek. Any of our misguidance may spoil your career and proper guidance may positively change your life. This is why; ERITRA is working with a motto ‘Shaping your career’. Accredited foreign institutes are cordially requested to shake their hands with ERITRA for spreading its working area and real learners are requested to get our assistance for reaching his destination smoothly and confidently. Please bear in mind that ERITRA is not an Embassy and can not give you any guarantee of your success. But our continuous support and heartiest service will make your way of destination easy and smooth certainly.           

Author of This Article

Feroz E M Iqbal
BA (Hons), MA (English), M Sc in MIS (UK)

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