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Card Clothing:
The inclined wire set in base material which are covered around the surface of taker in. Cylinder, doffer and flat in the carding machine is called card clothing.
Card Clothing
Card Clothing
Card clothing is used on the surface of 
  1. Taker in;
  2. Cylinder;
  3. Doffer;
  4. Flat.
Flexible Clothing:
These clothing have hook of round or oval wire which are set into elastic, multiple – ply cloth backings. Each hook is bent to a U-shape and is formed with a knee that flexes under bending load and return its original position when the load is removed.

Advantage of Flexible Card Clothing:
  • Point density being high, carding action is good.
  • Wire point flexible so fibre damage is less.
  • Fibre, yarn can produced.
Disadvantage of Flexible Card Clothing:
  • Carding angle cannot be choosen.
  • Grinding action should be regular.
  • Foundation material are required.
Semi Rigid Clothing:
In case semi-rigid clothing the sharp pointed wire are set in more rigid backings. This backing is made of multiple plies and the no of plies are more in number than that in flexible clothing. The wires have no knee & are deeply set inside the plies. The wire are much less capable yielding than flexible clothing.

Semi-rigid clothing is found only in the flats.

Advantage of Semi-rigid Card Clothing:
  • No need of sharpening after short use.
  • No dirt and dust in stored.
  • No need to of frequent grinding.
Grinding: It is process of retaining the original position of cloth wire after using for a long time.

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