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Yarn is a product of substantial length and relatively small cross-section consisting of fibres or filaments with or without twist. It is the long fine structures capable of being assembled or interlaced into such textile products as woven and knitted fabrics, braids, ropes, and cords.

Classification of Yarns:
  1. Single Yarn.
a) Continuous Filament.
b) Spun Yarn. It can be two types. One is Homogeneous, another is Blended.
c) Modified Continuous Filament.
  1. Multi-folded Yarn/ Ply Yarn.
  2. Cabled Yarn.
  3. Complex Yarn/ Core Spun Yarn
  4. Fancy Yarn/ Novelty Yarn
  5. Stretch Yarn
  6. High Bulk Yarn

Yarn Designation:
The factor which are required to express yarn structure and properties wholly, are called yarn designation.
The factors of yarn designation are:-

  1. Yarn Count / Linear Density.
  2. No. of Filaments.
  3. Fibre Components.
  4. No. of components in folding.
  5. Direction & amount of twist.


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