Warping | Objects of Warping | Importance of Warping in Weaving

The parallel winding of warp ends from many winding packages (cone, cheese) on to a common package (warp beam) is called warping.

Warping carries out following operations:
  • Creation, out of a limited number of warp threads, of a warp composed of any number of threads with the desired length;
  • Arrangement of above-mentioned threads according to the desired sequence;
  • Manufacturing of a warp beam with said characteristics.
Objects of Warping:
To arrange a convenient number of warp yarns of related length so that they can be collect on a single warp beam as a continuous sheet of yarns which can be used for sizing or next process .

Warping process involves:
Warping process
Importance of Warping:
  1. Construction of a beam of warp yarn.
  2. Construction of a parallel yarn sheet.
  3. Modifying the faults of yarn like thick or thin place.
  4. Winding the pre- determined length of yarn.
  5. Combination of small packages.
  6. Accelerating the next process.
Important requirements of Warping:
  1. The tension of all wound ends must be uniform and possibly constant during all the time of with drawl from the supply package.
  2. Warping should not impair the physical and mechanical properties of yarn.
  3. The tension should be moderate to allow the yarn complete retain its elastic properties.
  4. Predetermined length should be observed.
  5. Production rate should be high as possible.
  6. The surface of warping package must be cylindrical.
Components of warping machine:

*** Creel
  • Single end creel
  • Magazine creel
  • Travelling package creel
  • Swivel frame creel
  • V – Shaped creel
*** Head stock
  • Fixed
  • Traveling


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