Winch Dyeing Machines | Working Process of Winch Dyeing Machines | Advantages/Limitations of Winch Dyeing Machine

A dyeing machine consisting essentially of a dye vessel fitted with a driven winch (usually above the liquor level) which rotates and draws a length of fabric, normally joined end to end, through the liquor.

Fig: Winch dyeing machine
Winch dyeing machine is a rather old dyeing machine for fabrics in rope form with stationary liquor and moving material. The machine operates at a maximum temperature of 95-98°C. The liquor ratio is generally quite high (1:20-1:40). Winch dyeing machines are a low cost design that is simple to operate and maintain, yet versatile in application proving invaluable for preparation, washing or after treatments as well as the dyeing stage itself. In all winch dyeing machines a series of fabric ropes of equal length are immersed in the dye bath but part of each rope is taken over two reels or the winch itself. The rope of fabric is circulated through the dye bath being hauled up and over the winch throughout the course of the dyeing operation. Dyestuff and auxiliaries may be dosed manually or automatically in accordance with the recipe method.
Fig: Schematic diagram of a winch dyeing machine
Description and Dyeing Method on Winch Dyeing Machine
The basic principle of all winch dyeing machines is to have a number of loops or ropes of the fabric in the dye bath, these ropes are of equal length , which are mostly immersed in the liquor in the bath. The upper part of each rope runs over two reels which are mounted over dye bath. At the front of the machine, above the top of the dye liquor, is a smaller reel, which is called jockey or fly roller.

The fly roller remain free wheeling along with fabric rope. At the back of winch tank is the winch wheel, which pulls the fabric rope from the dye bath over the jockey reel for dropping in the dye bath for immersion. From the dropped location , the fabric rope travels back . to be lifted and fed to winch wheel.

The dyeing process on winch dyeing machines is based on higher M:L as compared with other dyeing machines. The process is conducted with very little tension . The total dyeing time is lengthier as compared to other machines.

Advantages of Winch Dyeing Machine

  1. Construction and operation of winch are very simple.
  2. The winch dyeing machines are suitable for types of wet processing operations from desizing to softening.
  3. The winch dyeing machine is suitable for practically all types of fabrics, which can withstand creasing in rope form processing.
  4. The tension exerted on winch is less than jigger dyeing machine,the material thus dyed is with fuller hand.
  5. The appearance of the dyed goods is clean and smooth on winch dyeing machines.
Limitations of Winch Dyeing Machine
  1. Batch dyeing operations needs trimming, sewing, opening out the rope, loading and unloading for individual lots separately.
  2. Since several lengths of fabric are run over the winch reel into the liquor and sewn end to end, Continuous length processing is not possible in a single batch.
  3. Fabric is processed in rope form which may lead to crease marks, particularly in heavy , woven , thin and light synthetics.
  4. Most of the machine work under atmospheric conditions.
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