Knitting Cycle of a Single Jersey Latch Needle Machine

Plain fabric is a single jersey fabric and is produced by one set of needle. Maximum of single- jersey fabric is produced on single jersey circular machines whose latch needle cylinder and sinker ring revolve through the stationary knitting cam systems, which together with their yarn feeders are situated at regular intervals around the circumference of the cylinder. So this types of knitting machine is widely used in knitting industry. In this machine, yarn is supplied from cones which is hanging on overhead bobbin stand or on a free standing creel with tensioner, stop motion and guide eyes down to the yarn feeder guides.

In this article I will give description of knitting cycle of single jersey latch needle machine with appropriate image.

Knitting Cycle of a Single Jersey Latch Needle Machine:
The knitting action of a latch needle and holding-down sinker during the production of a course of plain fabric.

knitting action of latch machine
Fig. Knitting cycle of a single jersey latch needle machine
According to diagram above cycle are described below:

(a) Tucking in the hook or rest position: The sinker is forward, holding down the old loop whilst the needle rises from the rest position.

(b) Clearing: The needle has been raised to its highest position clearing the old loop from its latch.

(c) Yarn feeding: The sinker is partially withdrawn allowing the feeder to present its yarn to the descending needle hook and also freeing the old loop so that it can slide up the needle stem and under the open latch spoon.

(d) Knock-over: The sinker is fully withdrawn whilst the needle descends to knock over its old loop on the sinker belly.

(e) Holding-down: The sinker moves forward to hold down the new loop in its throat whilst the needle rises under the influence of the up throw cam to the rest position where the head of the open hook just protrudes above the sinker belly.
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