How Many Methods of Forming Yarn into Needle Loops

Loop forming is the basic operation to produce knitted fabric. The properties of knitted fabrics are governed by two parameters i.e. Loop length and Loop shape. Needle loop formed by the top arc and the two legs of the weft knitted loop. So we can say, Needle loop = Top arc + Two legs. There are three methods of forming the newly-fed yarn into the shape of a needle loop. In this article I will explain those three methods with diagram.

Methods of Forming Yarn into Needle Loops:

1. (Fig. 1) – by sinking the yarn into the space between adjacent needles using loop forming sinkers or other elements which approach from the beard side.The action of a straight bar frame is illustrated. (Other obsolete circular bearded needle machines such as the sinker wheel and loop wheel frame employ the same technique.) The distance SL, which the catch of the sinker moves past the beard side of the needle, is approximately half the stitch length,

Action of the loop-forming sinker.
Fig. 1 Action of the loop-forming sinker.
2. (Fig.2) – by causing latch needles to draw their own needle loops down through the old loops as they descend, one at a time, down the stitch cam. This method is employed on all latch needle weft knitting machines.The distance SL that the head of the latch needle descends below the knock-over surface (in this case, the belly of the knock-over sinker) is approximately half the stitch length, and
Action of the knock-over sinker
Fig. 2 Action of the knock-over sinker.
3. (Fig. .3) – by causing a warp yarn guide to wrap the yarn loop around the needle. The lapping movement of the guide is produced from the combination of two separate guide bar motions:
A swinging motion which occurs between the needles from the front of the machine to the hook side and return.

A lateral shogging (or racking) motion parallel to the needle bar on the hook side and also on the front of the machine.

Loop forming by warp guides
Fig. 3 Loop forming by warp guides.  
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