Description of Beam Dyeing Machines

Beam Dyeing Machine:
A machine for dyeing yarns or fabrics that have been wound onto a special beam that has evenly perforated holes along its barrel. The dye is forced through the barrel into the yarn/fabric from inside to outside and vice versa. The beam dyeing machines may be capable of dyeing a single beam or to dye multiple beams. The fabric or yarn have better dyeing results because of there is no dimensional changes as well as there is no mechanical force applied to it. The high performance pumps circulate the dye liquor in efficient manner to achieve even dyeing results.

Working Principle of Beam Dyeing Machines
The working principle is same as that of HTHP yarn dyeing machines. The process of beam dyeing is as follows,

  1. The fabric or yarn in open width is rolled on to a perforated beam.
  2. The beam then subsequently inserted into a dyeing vessel.
  3. The machine is closed and pressurized.
  4. The dye liquor is circulated in to out and out to in directions , under pressure and temperature is employed as per the process requirement.
  5. The chemicals and auxiliary are injected as per requirement of the process.
A Thies Beam Dyeing machine
A Thies Beam Winding Machine


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