Cross-section of Knitting Head of a Single Jersey Machine

Fig. Cross-section of knitting head of a single jersey machine

Shows a cross section of the knitting head all of whose stationary parts are shaded.

  1. Yarn feeder guide, which is associated with its own set of knitting cams.
  2. Latch needle.
  3. Holding-down sinker – one between every needle space.
  4. Needle cylinder (in this example, revolving clockwise).
  5. Cylinder driving wheel.
  6. Cylinder driving gear.
  7. Sinker-operating cams, which form a raised track operating in the recess of the sinker.
  8. Sinker cam-cap.
  9. Sinker trick ring, which is simply and directly attached to the outside top of the needle cylinder thus causing the sinkers to revolve in unison with the needles.
  10. Needle-retaining spring.
  11. Needle-operating cams which, like the sinker cams, are stationary.
  12. Cam-box.
  13. Cam-plate.
  14. Head plate.
  15. Cylinder driving pinion attached to the main drive shaft.
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