Comparison Between CAD Marker Making and Manual Marker Making

Comparison Between Manual and Cad Marker Making:
  1. In manual system the system is used to make maker for garment making is traditional. But in CAD system marker making is done in modern system.
  2. Marker efficiencies is not visible in manual system. Other hand, marker efficiency is visible in CAD system.
    Manual and Cad Marker Making
    Manual and Cad Marker Making
  3. Marker length is not visible in manual system. Marker length is visible in monitor screen at CAD system.
  4. In manual, once marker is made, not possible to increase its efficiency. But in CAD it is possible to increase the efficiency at any time.
  5. Marker copying is not possible manually. In CAD, by using Plotter as much as possible copy can be done.
  6. Manual marker making is very time consuming method whereas, CAD is a faster method.
  7. In manual system quality can not be assured. It has quality assurance.
  8. Manual system costing is low but CAD is expensive.
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