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In previous post, we have written a article on singeing, singeing process and it's objectives and importance. Now we will discuss about singeing machines.

Types of Singeing Machines
There are three main types of singeing machines:

1. Plate singeing machine
2. Rotary-cylinder singeing machine
3. Gas singeing machine

(a) Plate Singeing Machine
In this type of singeing machine, the cloth passes over and in contact with one or two heated curved copper plates. The thickness of the plates ranges from 1 to 2 inches. The heating of the plates is done by a suitable burning arrangement of gas mixed with air. The plates are heated to bright redness and the cloth passes over and in contact with these plates at a speed ranging from 150 to 250 yards per minute. The passage of the cloth can be arranged in such a manner that one or both sides of the fabric may pass over and in contact with the heated plate(s), in order to accomplish singeing of one or both sides of the fabric in a single passage. In order to avoid local cooling of a certain part of the plate(s) by constant passage of cloth over it, an automatic traversing mechanism is fitted to the machine. This mechanism brings the cloth into contact with a constantly changing part of the plate(s), not only to avoid local cooling but also local wearing of the plate(s).

(b) Rotary-Cylinder Singeing Machine
In this type of singeing machine, the cloth passes over and in contact with a heated rotary cylinder made of copper or cast iron. The rotary cylinder has internal firing and revolves slowly so that constantly a fresh surface of the roller comes in contact with the cloth. The direction of rotation of the cylinder is opposite to the direction of the fabric so that the protruding fibres or nap of the fabric is raised. This type of machine is particularly suitable for the singeing of velvets and other pile fabrics. If the singeing of both sides of the fabric is required, then two cylinder are employed, one for each side of the fabric.
Fig. Line diagram of rotary-cylinder singeing machine
(c) Gas Singeing Machine
In this type of singeing machine, the fabric passes over aburning gas flame at such a speed that only the protruding fibres burn and the main body of the fabric is not damaged by the flame. This is the most common type of machine used for singeing fabrics as well yarns.
Fig.  Principle of gas singeing machine

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