Requirements to Become A Merchandiser | How To Become A Merchandiser

In garment industry, merchandiser is the BRIDGE between the management(or)industry and the buyer. He have to look after every job like buying the raw material (which is requied to finish the product), making the garment, finishing the garment, documentation(over all view), finally shipping.

He is the responsibility person to make the product.

The merchandiser who creats a good relationship in between exporter & buyer.

A Merchandiser Should have below Requirements :

*Reliable Computer With Internet Connection And A Printer Many companies will send you job information and ask you to input work information through their web sites.

*Good People Skills- you will need to cultivate good relationships with job schedulers, store staff and customers during your visits, so a patient, pleasant attitude and willingness to help is always a plus.

*Initiative- especially when you're starting out. YOU are responsible for finding your own work. DON'T get scammed by people selling lists or info that GUARANTEE jobs. It doesn't work that way!

*Ability to work on your own- AKA Personal Responsibility!

You will have to make sure you have all your paperwork and materials together, and that the work is done to the best of your ability. You also need to report and/or send all of the required documentation to the company completed in a timely manner, ie: BEFORE the stated deadline. Deadlines in merchandising must be strictly observed.

*Good English Skills- brush up on your reading, writing and comprehension if you're rusty. Many vendors ask for detailed information regarding the store, associates, and other things you noticed during your store visit.

*Reliable Transportation & Childcare-

Note: You CANNOT take children with you on jobs for safety reasons.

*Digital or Cell Phone Camera- You may be required to take pictures of completed displays for the vendor. These are usually sent by email.

*A Credit Check And/Or Drug Test- some stores require EVERYONE who works there to have a credit and/or drug test for security reasons.

A Merchandiser don't need:
*A Bad Attitude
*To Pay For Legitimate Jobs Or Information

Not Required, But It Helps

Home Office Equipment- Look into the purchase of a FAX machine, paper shredder and other office supplies to help you organize your work and be professional.

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