Different Sections in Ready Made Garment industry ( RMG )

Here are all of the sections of a garment industry have been described briefly.

1. Sample section
2. Cutting section
3. Sewing section
4. Finishing section

1. Sample Section :
It is the first section of garment manufacturing process. This section is used in apparel industry for-

a) To make sample garment for approval.
b) To make pattern sets for bulk production when needed.

2. Cutting Section :
It is the second section of apparel manufacturing. In this section the following works are completed-

a) Marker Making
b) Fabric Spreading
c) Fabric Cutting

3. Sewing Section :
Garment’s cut parts are assembled here.

4. Finishing Section :
It is the last step of garment making. All of the finishing processes are done here. Let yourself know what kinds of work are to be carried out in this segment-

a) Pressing/ Ironing
b) Packing
c) Cartooning &
d) Arranging final inspection and shipment. 
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