Different Sections in Ready Made Garment Industry ( RMG )

Garment production is the final stage of textile manufacturing where cloth is cut into different parts and sews to make various types of garment. Here, different shapes and styles fabrics are made according to the buyer requirement. Different sections are involved to complete a finished garment.
Garment production
Fig: Garment production
Here are all of the sections of a garment industry have been described briefly:
  1. Sample section
  2. Cutting section
  3. Sewing section
  4. Finishing section
1. Sample Section :
It is the first section of garment manufacturing process. This section is used in apparel industry for-

a) To make sample garment for approval.
b) To make pattern sets for bulk production when needed.

2. Cutting Section :
It is the second section of apparel manufacturing. In this section the following works are completed-

a) Marker Making
b) Fabric Spreading
c) Fabric Cutting

3. Sewing Section :
Garment’s cut parts are assembled here.

4. Finishing Section :
It is the last step of garment making. All of the finishing processes are done here. Let yourself know what kinds of work are to be carried out in this segment-

a) Pressing/ Ironing
b) Packing
c) Cartooning &
d) Arranging final inspection and shipment.

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