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Textile education courses have been most popular study for maximum students in Bangladesh. For the high demand of Textile engineers in Textile related industries. There are some universities, colleges, institutes which operates Textile courses .Textile  Universities,  Colleges or institutes are specialized only in Textiles.They provide textile courses on Spinning, Weaving, Knitting, Dyeing, Printing, Finishing & Apparel or Garments.

Actually Textile educational facilities are separated into two part in Bangladesh. One is public & another is private.

Public Textile educational institutes are enlisted below :

1. Bangladesh Textile University : Bangladesh Textile University is the only one of its kind in the country, and meets a growing need for advanced textile engineering and technology education in Bangladesh and around the world. Before being a Textile University it was a college named College of Textiles under the University of Dhaka (DU).

2. Begumgonj Textile Engineering College : Begumgonj Textile Engineering College, Noakhali is one of the reputed Textile engineering college in Bangladesh and operates under the faculty of science of  Chittagong University.

3. Pabna Textile Engineering College :  Pabna Textile Engineering College is an engineering educational institute in Bangladesh and operates under the Rajshahi University.

4. Chittagong Textile Engineering College : It is also Textile Engineering College affiliated by Chittagong University.

5. Bangladesh Institute of Textile Technology : It is another Textile educational institute  operates by Dhaka University. Former name Tangail Textile Institute. Only diploma holders can admitted it.

6. Abdur Rab Serniabat Textile Engineering College : It is another Textile Engineering College which started their educational program at 2011. Former name Barisal Textile Institute.

Diploma In Textile Institutes of Bangladesh

There are several  Diploma Textile institutes in Bangladesh under the Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB) on order of Institute of Textile Engineering & Technology (ITET). These are-

1. Tangail Textile Institute.
2. Dinajpur Textile Institute.
3. Barisal Textile Institute.

Private Textile Educational Institute are enlisted below :

1. Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology (AUST): In this University the B.Sc. in Textile Engineering course was started many days ago. In Bangladesh this is great university for the students who would like to get themselves admitted in Textile Engineering Department.

2. Daffodil International University: It is another University where you will get yourself admitted in B. Sc. in Textile Engineering program.  This is the first time the M. Sc. in Textile Engineering course has been started in Bangladesh and this is only on Daffodil International University. 

Without above these universities Textile Engineering course are available at :

Besides above these colleges or universities many private & govt. institutes offer certificate courses on Textile.It is worth mentioning that the list will be updated if any textile college or university is established or university is established or demolished.


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